Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is a diagnostic term for severe neurodevelopmental impairments that result from brain damage caused by alcohol exposure before birth. FASD affects the ability to think, learn, focus attention and control behaviour and emotions. They may also be impulsive and often have low self-esteem and mental health problems. These impairments may also lead to problems at school, socially unacceptable behaviour, alcohol and other drug use, and early interactions with the justice system

A formal diagnosis of FASD requires assessment of various neurodevelopment domains as per the Australian FASD Diagnostic Instrument. Appropriate referrals and management are then considered.


At Bright Start Speech Pathology we are skilled and experienced in assessing and contributing to the diagnostic formulation of FASD. We can work collaboratively with  Paediatricians, Occupational Therapists,  Neuropsychologist, Social Workers in order to   thoroughly understand each child's profile. 


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