Joanne Gimas, BSp Path

Joanne has been providing speech pathology services within the education system and in the private setting, to children with communication difficulties and their families for almost 20 years.

She has a wealth of experience in providing speech pathology services for assessment, diagnosis and intervention. She continues to be aware of and applies current best practice in the management of children with communication impairments. 

Through her years of experience she has well developed interpersonal skills including supporting and training parents, consulting ad collaborating with other professionals and working within a multidisciplinary team.

Joanne has a passion for working in schools supporting school aged children in the areas of speech and oral language development and supporting teachers. She has a particular interest in building early literacy skills and providing evidence based support to enhance school aged student's literacy development.

Her years of experience working in schools has allowed Joanne to empower staff and build their capacity to support and implement interventions for better access and participation in learning for students with communication impairments.

Joanne is a Certified Practicing Member of Speech Pathology Australia and fulfils all requirements for the Processional Self-Regulation program.

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