Maria Kouspos Certified Practising Speech Pathologist
Maria Kouspos, BSp Path, MSPAA, CPSP 

Maria is a paediatric speech pathologist who provides both in clinic and mobile speech pathology services to children from 2 to 18 years of age. She  has 17 years of experience working with children providing speech pathology services for assessment, diagnosis, intervention and management of children with developmental concerns, in particular Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Maria is particularly passionate about the early detection of ASD and assisting families understand their child’s communication profile and the implications it has on their child’s daily experiences. She provides therapy that is family-centred, evidence based  and assists children to communicate and thrive in all areas of life. 

Maria has experience in a variety of clinical settings including early childhood intervention services, special developmental schools, mainstream schools, hospitals and private settings. She is experienced in working with children with ASD, language delays and disorders, articulation, phonological disorders and students with additional learning needs, including Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and 22q11 deletion. 


Maria also works at the Developmental Paediatrics Department at Monash Children’s Hospital. Her work here includes working collaboratively with a range of health professionals, including psychologists, paediatricians and geneticists assessing and diagnosing complex developmental conditions.  

Maria is a Certified Practising Member of Speech Pathology Australia and fulfils all requirements for Professional Self Regulation program. She is also a registered service provider with the Department of Social Services.


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