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Indra Townsend

BA (Psych), BA (Psych)(Hons), MEd&DevPsych/PhD Candidate, Assoc MAPS

Indra offers counselling for a wide range of child developmental, emotional, behavioural, and social difficulties.

She also conducts comprehensive neurodevelopmental, cognitive, behavioural, and educational assessments.



Phone: 0474 136 143

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Maria Dhroso

Educational & Developmental Psychologist 

Member of the A.A.P.i

My Vibe Psychology is a small, boutique practice which enables Maria to really focus on client’s needs.   Maria has 20 years of experience with children and young people and offers an individualized, tailored service.  Maria uses gentle, child-centred, and strengths-based approaches. Maria draws on evidence-based practice and helps develop proactive and collaborative solutions. 

To request an appointment please complete the ‘Request an appointment form’ on the website.



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Raise the Bar Psychology

Neurodevelopmental Assessments for children, adolescents and adults

Raise the Bar Psychology is a private educational and developmental psychology clinic that specialises in neurodevelopmental assessment, and has been specifically designed to meet the needs of individuals experiencing learning difficulties. We respect and value neurodiversity and believe that best outcomes are achieved when the environment understands and accommodates individual strengths and challenges. This is why our approach is to work collaboratively with individuals, families, schools, tertiary institutions and workplaces in order to recommend targeted strategies and practical accommodations and support.



Phone: 1300 785 662


Dr Julia Shekleton

Connect the Dots Neuropsychology

Connect The Dots Neuropsychology specialises in neuropsychological assessment and intervention for children, teens and young adults.

We are experts in understanding the relationship between the brain, thinking and behaviour.



Phone: 0413 402 437